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Online advertising is becoming the new trend in advertising as internet users worldwide are surpassing newspaper readers and television audiences.  The USA ranks first in the world in terms of internet use.  Achieve immediate and measurable results by targeting your advertising directly to a select group of piano enthusiasts.  We offer affordable internet advertising at  cost-effective prices.

Our website offers a comprehensive directory for boaters and boat enthusiasts.  Listings include boat brokers, boat designs, boat builders, cruising destinations, marinas and resorts all around the world.     The contents are geared towards getting repeat visits.

Here is how you can place an ad:
(1)  Choose the type of ad you want and click on the "Add to cart" shopping button.
(2)  The button will lead you to PAYPAL's website, who is our service provider.  If you are not familiar with PAYPAL, click here to find out how PAYPAL work.
(3)  Checkout using PAYPAL and upon receipt of your information, we will contact you for confirmation and work on building your ad.
(4)  As an additional step, please fill out the form below, to indicate your preference as to the location of your ad placement.

Basic Listing-free

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Additional category - $40/yr
One free listing per company.

$10 per year for a featured listing.

$40 per year per additional listing.
Banner ads
x 60 pixels
in jpg, gif formats

$79.00 per year
Beaches Resorts for Great Family Vacations


Billboard ads
180 x 150 pixels
in jpg, gif formats

$89.00 per year Clearance
Skyscraper ads
160 x 300 pixels
in jpg, gif formats

$99.00 per year
  Save up to 40% at Sandals Resorts
Brick ads
200 x 50 pixels
in jpg, gif formats
$49.00 per year
Company webpage
(1 page)
$99.00 one time fee
We can create your company website within our website consisting of one home page listing products and services and contact information)

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Additional Category Listing $40 per year
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Banner Ad - $79 per year
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Skyscraper Ad - $99 per year
Brick Ad - $49 per year
Company Profile Page - $99 one time fee

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Please send payment by PAYPAL.    For your security, we use PAYPAL as a third party payment provider.  This way, all payments are handled by PAYPAL.  Simply use the shopping cart as provided by the above checkout buttons and PAYPAL will do the rest.  Email us with the details of your order and we will contact you to confirm your order and build your ad.