The Blue Book of Boats              
Sailboat <=50 feet


Sailboats<=20 ft
Sailboats<=30 ft
 Sailboats <=40 ft



Sailboats <=50 ft Sailboats<=60 ft
Powerboats<=20 ft
Powerboats<=30 ft
Powerboats 31-60 ft
Powerboats 61-100 ft Mega Yachts  
A to G

Aloha 41
Baltic 42
Bavaria 50
Brewer 42
Brewer 44
Cherubini 44
Cherubini 48
Cooper 416
Folkes 42
Feeling 44








H to M

Hinckley DS42
Island Packet 48
Outbound 42
Outbound 46





N to Z

Oyster 50
PDQ 42
Santa Cruz 43
Sceptre 41
Sceptre 43
Tartan 4300
Valiant 40
Valiant 50
Wauquiez PS40
Whitby 42

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