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Klemtu - a major First Nations Kitasoo/Xaixais Village


photo above show the concrete dock for overnight moorage

Klemtu is a major First Nations village located in Swindle Island, south of Princess Royal, in the coastal fjords of British Columbia, and behind the small Cone Island.

Klemtu is the home of the Kitasoo tribe of Tsimshians, originally from Kitasu Bay, and the Xai'xais of Kynoc Inlet, these two tribal organizations live together as the Kitasoo/Xai'xais Nation. The Xai'xais are a subgroup of the Heiltsuk people.  Current population in Klemtu (2007) is around 500 people.

Accessible only by boat or by plane, Klemtu is serviced by the Discovery Coast Ferry who also serviced the neighbouring coastal communities including Shearwater, Bella Bella and Ocean Falls.

A beautiful Big House sits atop a point that faces Finlayson Channel.  This Big House was completed in May 2002.  In front of the Big House is a Watchman Totem Pole with both hands embracing the Kitasoo and Xaixai's tribal representations.

Klemtu is the home of the Kermodei Spirit Bear and is part of the Great Bear Rainforest.  You can find more information about the Kermodei Spirit Bear from the Raincoast Conservation Society

A public dock provides overnight moorage for visiting boaters.  There is also a fuel dock, which is the only fuel stop between Bella Bella (30 miles south) and Hartley Bay (65 miles north)  for boaters travelling the BC Inside Passage.

Amenities for boaters include:  diesel, propane, gas, water, public phone, ATM machine, showers, laundry, cafe, grocery store and a convenient store.   Klemtu has excellent cell phone coverage and a sophisticated water treatment system. 


Inside the Klemtu Big House are exquisitely carved totem poles

Francis Robinson beside the Watchman Totem


Klemtu Cafeteria

Klemtu Grocery Store

View of Finlayson Channel from Klemtu's Big House

Any idea why this is called Cone Island?  Klemtu is behind Cone Island
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