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Sointula - Utopian community in BC North Coast



Sointula - "Place of Harmony" in Finnish - is a small village with a population of 800,  situated in Malcolm Island, within easy reach by BC Ferry from Port McNeil or Alert Bay.  Malcolm Island lies between the BC Mainland and Vancouver Island, Northeast of Port McNeil and not far from Alert Bay.  It was first settled in the early 1900 by Finnish immigrants who dreamt of an utopian village. 

The Sointula Co-operative store which started in the early 1900 still operatives as the main grocery store/bakery/butcher shop for the entire village.  The place is a genuine town, not a tourist trap.  You will find very friendly people who wave at every passer-by, so don't be surprised.

A visit to Sointula is like a travel back in time, as the place still retains many of its old buildings.   There are no McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Burger King or any of the big box store.  There is however, a CIBC bank.

The houses all have unique fences, and visitors often amused themselves in photographing the imaginative fences that local residents built.

Everybody knows everybody is this little town - definitely worth a visit, if you are travelling along the BC Inside Passage.  There is a marina and a very well-stocked marine hardware store.

Sointula Co-op store dates back
to early 1900's

i CIBC Bank in Sointula

Wood sculpture- the likes of Easter Island statues -over 6 feet tall

tin man of different colors and shapes are found in the gardens of Sointula

fence made with tangled branches

fence in the shape of a viking ship

whimsical garden art

Sointula boatyard for refit and repair work
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