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 P.O. Box 699
130 Shore Road
Southwest Harbor, ME 04679
Phone: 1-866-HINCKLEY
Fax: 207-244-9322



The Hinckley Company was founded in Maine in 1928 and is considered to be one of the oldest yacht builders in the U.S. The company's Sou'wester sailboats and Talaria jet boats range in length from 29 to 70 feet and are each hand-built to order in Maine. The company has full-service yards in Southwest Harbor, Maine, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Oxford, Maryland, Savannah, Georgia and Stuart, Florida. In addition, the company provides yacht refit, maintenance, repair and storage services for boats up to 150 feet in length and 180 tons and operates a yacht brokerage, charter service and retail business.

Hinckley is to the yachting industry the way Rolls Royce is to the automobile industry and Louis Vitton is to the luggage industry.  It is the "ultimate" boat for American royalties and celebrities.

Production Boats:
Sail Boats: The new DS 42; the Sou'wester 42; the Sou'wester 51; the Sou'wester 52; the Sou'wester 59; the Sou'wester 61; and the Sou'wester 70.

Power Boats: the Talaria 29R; the Talaria 29C; the Talaria 38R convertible; the Talaria 40; the Talaria 44; the Talaria 44 Flybridge; and the Talaria 55. The Hinckley Range of Power Boats now also includes the latest in the range of Hinckley Picnic Boats.


Interesting links or notes:
1.  Jimmy Buffet owns a Hinckley DS42 sailboat.  Other celebrities who own Hinckley yachts are Martha Stewart and Geraldo Riviera.